Aces for Autism accepts all insurances, including Medicaid.

Our services are provided at our clinic located at 925 Conference Drive, Greenville, NC 27858. Please contact us for more information.

ABA Therapy: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA ) has over 40 years of research supporting its effectiveness as a treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. 1:1 therapy is provided by trained behavior staff, supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and targets the INDIVIDUAL goals of each child. Goals can range from increased communication skills, independence, social skills, and much more. 1:1 therapy also targets the reduction of problem or inappropriate behavior such as self-injury or aggression.

Peer Play involves children on the spectrum who are having difficulties connecting with siblings or peers. A sibling or peer whom the child knows or plays with will partake in a one to two hour session with behavior staff.

Family sessions are 1:1 instructional sessions with the child conducted by behavior staff while a primary caregiver observes, learns, and demonstrates the techniques.

Financial aid applications are accepted throughout the year, and financial aid may be awarded at any time throughout the year, provided funds and classroom space are available.

Families who have a child with an autism spectrum disorder and who have a total household income of less than $150,000 are eligible to apply for financial aid. However, due to limited available funds, not all families who qualify and apply will receive aid. All families who do receive financial aid will be expected to pay a portion of their child’s tuition; amounts will be determined based on a basic sliding fee scale, which is adjusted for total number of individuals living in the household.

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Parent and professional workshops are offered at no cost. Topics range from ABA strategies to help children, to insurance seminars, and more.

This instruction group targets early learning and social skills for both children on the spectrum and typically developing peers. Small Group Instruction is designed for young children who may be experiencing any of the following: difficulty in regular preschool settings, limited language skills, limited play interests or peer interactions, and have no significant problem behaviors. Groups are determined based on age and developmental levels. Group leaders are trained in ABA skills and ensure goals are being met. Children with autism may be pulled out to receive 1:1 Therapy when appropriate.

Training for school district employees (teachers or aides) on ABA principles and other techniques found to be successful with children on the spectrum. We can also provide consultation when difficulties arise in the child’s classroom. Program supervisors may also attend IEP meetings to support the family.