Welcome to Aces for Autism.

Hope. Joy. Success.

Welcome to Aces for Autism where you’ll find hope, success and joy for your child and your family.

Aces for Autism, located in Greenville, North Carolina, is a not for profit treatment and educational center dedicated to providing doctor prescribed, evidence based therapies that significantly impact the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and their families. Individuals are respected, loved, and cared for by experts in the field of autism by implementing the best methods and techniques. Aces for Autism goal is that all individuals affected by autism reach their full potential by receiving access to quality treatment.

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Why Aces for Autism

“Every milestone is a celebration for a parent raising a child on the autism spectrum. As our children make progress, the joy we have as parents is indescribable. With each smile we receive, the stronger advocates we become. We want each family to have hope that their child can reach their full potential.” – Bobbie Robinson

Please take 5 minutes and watch this video. At Aces for Autism, we know AUTISM CHANGES EVERYTHING. Let our families tell you about their journey to hope, success and joy at Aces.

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